In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

In the jungle, the mighty jungle Animaux
The lion sleeps tonight


The lion is dead, long live the lion!
He was great and powerful
our representant
in the first line
but protected


What your song forget to tell me about
is what happend to the panther
the tiger

The dragonfly can fly, panthere
the dragonfly could fled.
The dove took her,
tend her,
nurse her wings.

The dragonfly cannot fly any longer
but remembers what happened on that night,
the sounds of the story behind the History,
between the lines of your song.
And remembers
the dear dead ones,
forgotten choir.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

[I took these photos during a workshop yesterday.
This morning the news reported a massacre in Bangui. My attention got caught by the story of 4 years old injured girl, her aggressor cutted her 3 fingers off.
So I had this idea. It’s the only I can do, isn’t it?]

3 thoughts on “In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

  1. a very powerful piece – made even more so by disclosing the back story. i love the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight – somewhere it is peaceful – but at the same moment somewhere else – tragedy strikes. It is an unfortunate fact of life, I suppose.

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