Your land doesn’t exist


She came from another world
to his, bringing colorful tastes
as a gift of friendship.
It has for sure played a role
in the story but for now,
no one has known it.

Sunny as you shine
as clean as you’re shy
Just met the night in day.
Stuck in your silence
You eat my useless earings
Just met Thanatos in Eros.
Struggeling with your desires
you fade them away
just realized your land doesn’t exist.

This landscape made of fluorencent
fog is annihilating me
Your dirty People
is by now
overwehlming me
Would love to say…

She came from another world
to his, knowing where he cames from.
How did he ended up in such a missy tale?

What is this place?
We all are wearing those hilarious smile on our faces.
So we cannot declaim the love we have for each other
our mouths are distorded.
Then we drink to forget
that no one loves no one
What is this stage where the audience is playing
with the main characters?

Dein Land existiert nicht.

Where I come from,
we pour wine to those we love.
Where we now are, we poorly drink together
to forgive, the absence of tenderness.
This mask is too heavy on me,
I’m leaving this stage to join my another world

She leaves throwing the mask in the fall leaves

You tried to hide your naked branches
but I couldn’t help it
and have seen everything.
The dearest words for you my Lord got rotten trapped by thorns.
Let’s have some bread and jam and forget it all.

I don’t wanna be queen of your non-existing land.
Never wanted to be queen, and will never be one.
I’ll never be the one.
The one is gone, two units ago.
She took Eros with her and left us Thanatos and his Kingdom.

She closed the door.
They give her a big hand.

Quite a long text, I’m not used to it and hope there aren’t too many mistakes. Thanks for reading.

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