mi-figue mi-raisin



2 thoughts on “Riddle

  1. This riddle makes me think about something I’ve come to know as “survival” mode where everything hugs in, prepares for an onslaught of the senses. I become less generous, less outward, more inward because of the waves that I know are about to hit. This survival mode has been one I’ve known for ages and it has seen me through many an onslaught ; ) though I know it isn’t very fun, but it’s only for a time…this survival mode. Have you ever had to be in “survival” mode?

    • Hello Anna,

      thank you very much for such a complex but extremely interesting comment.
      I guess most of humans have to protect themselves someday.
      Let’s call it the “survival mode”, as you suggest. What you describe is very true and I already experienced it. It happens each time I spend to much time listening to other people and forgetting to live my life, forgetting to listen to my desires, doing what the society awaits from me… To me, generosity isn’t gone, I just focus on myself for a couple of “units”, generosity will be back when I’ll be back among my mates :)
      Hmm… I don’t know if it’s clear but I understand you very well.

      Regarding to this Riddle, you perfectly understood what was between the lines. The chinese character “Zhong” means “middle”. This text deals with the middle of…(myself, my way,…) to resolve the riddle (where/who am I). Living in an ocean of laguages (whose I unfortunately do not speak fluently) and countries, the riddle is still the same anywhere I live. Someday I thought “stop moving and focus on what’s inside you”.

      To conclude, I found the answer of this riddle. I’m about to move again: a cycle is going to be buried, another one is about to open its arms to the light.
      I thank you one more time for this exchange.


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