You can consider your life to be a movie.
The timeline of your life.

You can choose to develop only one sequence: no double track. Timeline
You can copy what you like in your neighbourhood: the house, the wife, the children and the dog. And paste it into your timeline.
You can use the special effects to create a good looking actress: surgery and diet.
You can put a green screen on the background of your life: inserting pictures of holidays instead of those created by your daily unhappiness.
You can place a picture in the picture: to make us believe you’re a successful person.
You can generate a popping anempathetic sound: just adjust lively pictures on a sad soundtrack.

You can arrange your life, or not
as much as you like, or not
to make it a timeline, or a lifetime.

But on the day the power goes down,
it’ll be to late for a Ctrl Z.


2 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Hello Michael,
    reading your comment, I doubt I expressed myself well in this text. It is possible after all since I do not speak english fluently.
    however I agree with your comment.

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