Goodbye / Au revoir / Auf wiedersehen…

… 再見 / Arrivederci / до свида́ния!

One month ago I decided to put an end to this blog.
Today, I’ve published my last text Matelots, the story ends with a scuttling. It’s just perfect.
You probably know, dear reader, how life could be full of surprises. One the them was the lifeguard on the coastline.
Her name is Bonnie Marshall from Maxadaland. She wrote a comment that made me think a lot. I came to the conclusion that I’ll continue this journey here, with you, your comments, emails and silences. I write for myself and have a lot of pleasure with it. Still, thank you all for being here.

There are so many languages I want to learn, but one I definitely don’t like and will never speak is the Marble language.

So this blog will slightly evoles. I do hope you’ll have as much pleasure to read it as I have to post here.

Best regards,
far but not away


5 thoughts on “Goodbye / Au revoir / Auf wiedersehen…

  1. I met Walt Whitman on the weekend, we should spend more time together within the next days, thank you. Important is not to forget to give people the gratitude they deserve.

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