The poet appeared to me at once

So the black bird came to me today and said the black bird
– I have post for you
– Aren’t the doves supposed to deliver the mail?
– There is no dove in this world… You should know it!
– What’s inside?
– The best way to know is to open the envelope
The black bird laught at me and started sarcastically to sing
– It’s all about you, it’s love around you…
Since I was leaving I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the song. How could a black bird be aware of the air, only the wind knows it the way it lives and breaths.

So I flew to the Bird-free-Garden, sat on the red grass, took a cup of tea and opened the envelope. Tea with Yesenin
He was here, sitting on my side.
– Hello dear poet!
– Hello dear friend.
– It’s been a long time, I wasn’t expecting you. I’m so glad you could escape the university and join me, you’ve been so far!
– But not away.
– Tell me about your journey, are you fine?
– Time is running, I bring you the sun and his rays of Dankbarkeit.
– Would you please take the half of him?
– Stand up for a moment please
– Are we going for a walk?
– There isn’t so much time left for questions and answers.
– Are we going on promenade, poet?
– I tend to a demi-plié, my friend.
– YES____!

[Dear readers, have you guess what the poet’s name is?]

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