≡∞ Palindrome ≡∞

 … Esope …


2 thoughts on “Palindromes

  1. Bonjour mon ami!
    Palindrome is more interesting when you use audio recording.
    I tried to record the sound in such a way as when you reverse it you can hear the same. :)
    Of course a palindrome is predominantly writing, but we always have possibility to experiment. ;)
    Please, record to me the French palindrome about Ésope. I’ll try to replay. :)
    See ya!

    • здра́вствуй мой друг!

      As usual, you’re right: I focus on the rythm & melody, the text was too easy ;) But I’ll do it again in russian.
      I hope Esope is easy to understand: “Ésope reste ici et se repose”.
      Have fun!


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